Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to KadoKado! Play free games and win Kado points which can be used to buy Amazon Gift Cards!

KadoKado is a popular games site which has more than 3 million registered players around the world. Enjoy more than 70 Exclusive Games all developed by Motion-Twin. Play and win Kado points which can be used to buy Amazon Gift Cards!

On KadoKado, winning gifts couldn't be easier:
Play a game
Win Kado points
Go to the Shop to order your Gift Voucher.

Each day you'll receive 4 free Green Gems. If you'd like to play more than 4 times per day, you can buy Orange Gems from the Play More section.

A KadoKado period lasts 14 days. The Kalendar at the top right of the web shows you the current period and day.

At the end of this period (Monday morning GMT+1) all scores are reset and players receive the Kado points which they won during the previous period.

You can get Kado points in different ways:
By winning stars playing each game.
By fulfilling contracts on each game.

Stars are like trophies. You can win one per game per "Kalendar period," which is 14 days. A green star is worth 10 Kado points. Orange stars are 50 Kado points, and red stars are 100 Kado points. Once you gain a star, the only way to lose it is by reaching the next star level. So if you have a red star, you're at the top. At the end of the Kalendar period, KadoKado shuts down for a few hours and the stars are converted into Kado points.

When you play a game, there is a score we challenge you to beat which we call a contract. If you fulfill this contract, you win Kado points , which can be exchanged for real gifts in the Gift Cards section and for new games available in the Kado-Gifts section.

Kado Points can be used to:
Join a clan
Create a clan
Unlock new games in the Kado-Gift shop section
Buy a Forum Pass in the Kado-Gift shop section
Get Gift cards from the Kado-Gift shop section. Which can be used for real discounts in online shops such as Amazon.com


A Clan is a group of 1 to 50 players who fight together against other clans. You can either join a clan that YOU would feel comfortable with or create a new one. Each Clan has a score and a position in the Global Clan Ranking. The Championship of Clans is divided into 2 periods. At the end of each period, the rankings are reset and the highest ranked clans will receive Kado points. Kado points are shared out between the players of each winning clan.


KadoKado doesn't have a chat system, but they do have a great forum! For 500 Kado points you can get a Forum Pass so you can make posts. The forum is very active and there are threads dedicated to each game on the site.


At KadoKado you earn prizes with Kado points. The prizes are Amazon gift certificates!

EUR 50 € = 250,000 points
EUR 15 € = 80,000 points
EUR 5 € = 30,000 points
US 6.50 $ = 30,000 points
US 20 $ = 80,000 points
US 65 $ = 250,000 points


It is important to know that a general ranking doesn’t exist. There are 8 levels for each game. Thanks to this system, you will always be matched against players of your own level at each game. At the end of each period, the best players at each level go up to the next level, receive a Cup and Kado points . If you're in the top 3,000 players for that game by the time the Kalendar period ends, you'll go up in rank and earn 100 Kado points. To reach the next rank you need to be in the top 2,000 players.
If you see this icon OK beside a game, it means that you will go up a level in the next period. Take a look at this information regularly. If other players overtake your position, you may miss the chance of going up a level.

VIP Status

You can become a VIP player and gain advantages in KadoKado. When you buy orange gems for the first time you automatically hit VIP level one and receive a Loyalty Card. There are a total of three VIP levels, but to reach levels 2 and 3 you have to fill a loyalty card. The more games you buy, the faster you will be able to complete your Loyalty Card and improve your VIP Status.

You can share your love of KadoKado by telling your friends! Each player gets a sponsor link. Sponsor your friends on KadoKado and receive 20% of the Orange Gems they buy in the Play More section.

Site's languages: French, English and Spanish.

Have a nice time with KadoKado. All players welcome worldwide!


Source: http://www.kadokado.com/

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